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Top 5 Slots with Highest RTP

by Faye Walker

Playing online slot games is fun, and we are always in search of slots with the highest RTP. Below you will find 5 top video slots with the highest RTPs on mBitcasino at the time of this guide.

All the online slots we cover come from the design studios of the top software developers in the business such as Betsoft, Belatra, Pragmatic Play, and Spinomenal all of them with RTPs above 97%, and they are all available for both mobile and desktop gameplay as well as free demo play if you want to test them out before you bet real money or crypto.

With this in mind, you are about to put together a list of video slots with a house edge lower than 3% giving you the chance to spin the reels on a select few slot games that will give you the best chance of winning!

The Top 5 Slots with Highest RTP Ratings We Cover In This Guide Include:

  • Book of Guardians (97.88% RTP) by Spinomenal
  • Gypsy Rose (97.63% RTP) by Betsoft Gaming (BSG)
  • Sugar Pop (97.30% RTP) by Betsoft Gaming (BSG)
  • Neptune’s Kingdom (97.19% RTP) by Belatra
  • Gold Train (97.16% RTP) by Pragmatic Play

Book of Guardians 97.88% RTP (Spinomenal)

97.88% is remarkably high for an online slot giving the house just a 2.12% edge. There are very few slots out there that can beat such a high RTP and this makes the Book of Guardians well worth a look.

This is a 5-reel slot game with 3 positions for symbols on each reel, yet there is a whopping 50 pay lines which give us the first clue as to why Spinomenal’s Book of Guardians slot title has such a high RTP. With that many pay lines, on just 5×3 reels, you should be catching plenty of symbol combination wins.

As you start to dig deeper, the high RTP on this slot starts to make even more sense.

Features include a free spins game triggered by a scatter that also pays a spin bet multiplier of x5 when 3 land across the reels. Adding to the excitement comes more scatters which are bonus symbols that trigger a pyramid bonus game.

Next, there is a wildcard that also doubles up as symbol combination that has the potential to trigger a 200x spin bet multiplier. As if this was not enough, there is an ‘Extra Wilds’ feature which will place between 4 and 12 additional wilds onto the reels at random. Then, this feature is also backed up by a ‘Win Multiplier’ feature that will add x3, x3, x4, or x5 multipliers to reels at random.

Now you would think you couldn’t possibly add to this crazy volume of features but guess again! Finally, there is a re-spin feature that activates after every win during the free spins’ bonus. That’s crazy because originally you will win 10 free spins, but this could turn into 15, 20, or 25 free spins quite easily.

As far as graphics and animations are concerned this isn’t the most high-tech slot game out there. That being said, the symbols have been designed to perfection, there is a transparent reel effect that looks pretty cool, and the slot’s sound effects are crystal clear.

Therefore, this slot passed for graphics, RTP, and without a shadow of a doubt, it more than passes for features which make it very clear as to why the Book of Guardians has an RTP of 97.88%!

  • Software Provider: Spinomenal
  • Reels: 5×3
  • Paylines: 50
  • Variance: Medium

Play Book of Guardians at mBitcasino…

Gypsy Rose – 97.63% RTP (Betsoft)

If you like your video slots packed with features, which let’s face it most of us do, then you will love the Gypsy Rose online slot title. As an add-on bonus this slot’s array of features, the RTP is 97.63% giving the house just a 2.37% edge!

Gypsy Rose is a Betsoft Gaming creation, and the great thing about this software developer is virtually every one of its games come with astounding 3D graphics, Pixar quality gameplay, and awesome features. Of course, Gypsy Rose has all these attributes making it a very popular casino game.

You will launch yourself into a ‘Re-Spins’ game with sticky wilds, a ‘Magic’ Book feature that dishes out multipliers up to 20x the spin bet, a fully animated ‘Tarot Card’ bonus game, ‘Wild Card Toss’ that launches extra wilds onto the reels, and there is a double-up gamble game.

  • Software Provider: BSG
  • Reels: 5×3
  • Paylines: From 1 to 30
  • Variance: Medium

Play Gypsy Rose at mBitcasino…

Sugar Pop – 97.30% RTP (Betsoft)

Betsoft Gaming is also the brainchild behind the creation of Sugar Pop. Incidentally, this slot title now has a sequel which is Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, but when it comes to RTP, the earlier version out muscles the new kid on the block.

It isn’t only the high 97.3% RTP that makes Sugar Pop stand out. This is no ordinary slot because it does not follow the traditional paylines used to line up symbols.

Features on this game include ‘Cascading Reels’ that give you new symbols on the reels every time you win. Some of these new symbols have special features that increase your chances of winning without having to spin the reels. There is also a ‘Level Up’ feature that unlocks new candy symbols, while you can increase the value of your winnings by creating special ‘Bonus Cluster Patterns’. You might also be interested about best Betsoft slots.

  • Software Provider: BSG
  • Reels: 5×5
  • Paylines: 0 (Cluster Pays)
  • Variance: High

Play Sugar Pop at mBitcasino…

Neptune’s Kingdom – 97.19% (Belatra)

Belatra Games designed and released Neptune’s Kingdom in 2015. This is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines themed on an underwater world which happens to be the Kingdom of Neptune!

The gameplay does not come easier than this. Scatters trigger free spins, and there are 2 different free spins games to traverse. In the free spins bonus game, you have the choice to spin with ‘Super Wilds’, which are stacked wilds that depict King Neptune himself, or you can go with the beautiful Mermaid Queen who fills the reels with sticky wilds.

As far as free spins games go, both are profitable. Stacked super wilds can create multiple wild reels which help if you want to land 4-symbol and 5-symbol combination wins. The downside is that stacked wilds are not guaranteed to land on every spin.

Conversely, the sticky wilds free spins bonus option gives you permanent wilds on the reels. Although the wild symbols are not stacked, this free spins game has the potential to fill up all symbol positions with super sticky wild symbols.

As you collect more sticky wilds from earlier free spins, the higher the chances are of landing combination wins at the end of the bonus. Invariably, it is easy to predict that this bonus tends to start slow and then finish with an almighty bang!

  • Software Provider: Belatra
  • Reels: 5×3
  • Paylines: 20
  • Variance: Medium

Play Neptunes Kingdom here at mBitcasino…

Gold Train – 97.16% (Pragmatic Play)

Yet another prestigious software provider has a slot game in our ‘Top 5 Slot Games with the Highest RTPs’ guide. This time Pragmatic Play breaks onto the scene with an unexpected slot game with a massive RTP of 97.16%.

Gold Train is a classic slot with 3 reels and 3 pay lines. Now the words ‘Classic’ may seem old, but this is no ordinary classic slot because quite clearly Pragmatic Play went to every effort to make sure this slot title was designed with pristine graphics, excellent animations, and entertaining sound effects.

That’s not to mention the features on this game! In the base game, you will regularly connect 3-symbol combination wins with the help of a ‘wild’ train symbol just like any other classic slot, but on Gold Train, you also have a bonus game triggered by scatter symbols.

Most classic slots do not include a bonus game, but Pragmatic Play moved the goalposts giving you a ‘train carriage’ bonus. The more carriages you to start with, the higher prize. Now what’s ingenious about this game is that you collect carriages by landing the gold ‘upgrade’ ticket on the middle reel.

As far as classic slots go, Gold Train is up there with the best of them. You will win often in the base game, and there is the chance to accumulate big wins in an exciting bonus round!

Play Gold Train here…

  • Software Provider: Pragmatic Play
  • Reels: 3×3
  • Paylines: 3
  • Variance: Medium

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Why Play Online Slots Versus Table Games?

Quite simply, video slots require almost no skill to learn. The only ‘strategies’ slot players need to master is the same at every other casino – bankroll management and bet sizing.

With the simiplicity of online slots, your chances of winning are often far higher compared to grinding it out on the virtual felts of table games like blackjack. Even though blackjack can have a house edge as low as 0.5%, which is a 99.5% RTP, even slots with a slightly lower RTP can still be the better option.

Why Can Slots Offer a Better Chance of Winning Vs Table Games?

Games like Blackjack are far more difficult to conquer than slots. Not only do you need to crack the concepts of bankroll management and bet sizing, but you must also learn basic strategy.

Basic strategy is complex way to play perfect blackjack. You need to ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘split’, ‘double down’, and ‘surrender’ according to your hand value and the dealer’s up card.

Only when you play the mathematical basic strategy of blackjack will you hit the best possible RTP or house edge the table offers but with hundreds of hand combinations to learn, most people would prefer to play an easier casino game with no mathematical strategy involved such as online slots!

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of possible ‘dealer’ and ‘player’ hand combinations making blackjack an incredibly difficult game to master and very easy to get wrong.

If you get your basic strategy wrong, you could give away 2% to house edge. With online video slots, you never give away house edge!

In the end, most table games take concentration, time, and effort to dominate, and for most slot players, they just don’t have the time or patients.

In short, while some table game players may enjoy the challenge of overcoming the intricacies of basic strategy by spending hours learning it, slot players prefer the simplistic gameplay, variety of themes, and varied features that have made video slots the most played BTC casino games online.

Playing Video Slots With Highest RTP At mBitcasino

In this guide, you have read the ultimate list of video slots with the highest RTPs on mBitcasino.

Every slot covered in this slots with the highest RTP guide is available on mobile and desktop devices and you can place bets using BTC and BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT, or DOGE, plus there is an option to play for free using our demo modes!

No matter how you choose to bet on these slot titles, you can play safely in the knowledge that the house edge is less than 3%. All the video slot titles you see in this guide have an outstanding RTP that exceeds 97% with 2 of them, namely Book of Guardians and Gypsy Rose which are closer to the 98% RTP mark!

To play any of these video slots for free or to place crypto bets, check out the link below each slot reviewed which will take you straight to the video slot game on the best bitcoin casino, mBitcasino. Whether you are reading this guide on your mobile device or desktop PC, it makes no difference.

Happy spinning!

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