Come to Bitty's side, we have 40,000 Free Spins
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Come to Bitty’s side, we have 40,000 Free Spins

by Faye Walker

Celebrate Star Wars with 40,000 Free Spins at mBitcasino!

Use the force to guide you to your next big win on this special Bitty Quiz marathon. Show your knowledge, answer ten questions correctly, and you can win a share of the 40,000 Free Spins Prize Pool every 2 hours!

How to win thousands of free spins?

It’s so easy!

Step 1: Join Bitty Quiz, set up a nickname, and wait for a round to begin. Between 4 PM UTC on May 4th and 6 AM UTC on May 5th, Bitty Quizzes will start every 2 hours.

Step 2: Once the round begins, you’ll have 15 seconds to answer each question.

Step 3: Answer all ten questions correctly and you win free spins!

Use this timetable to make sure you participate in all Bitty Quizzes:

May 4th4 PM UTC
May 4th6 PM UTC
May 4th8 PM UTC
May 4th10 PM UTC
May 5th00 AM UTC
May 5th2 AM UTC
May 5th4 AM UTC
May 5th6 AM UTC

Extra Tip:

Each round comes with a 5,000 Free Spins Prize Pool, and the more you deposit in the last 72 hours prior to the round, the bigger the chunk of the prize pool you can get, as follows:

  • no deposits – you play for fun only (no free spins will be awarded if you win the round);
  • 0.5 mBTC deposited – you can win up to 100 Free Spins;
  • 1.2 mBTC deposited – you can win up to 500 Free Spins;
  • 2.5 mBTC deposited – you can win up to 1,000 Free Spins;
  • 12 mBTC or more deposited – you can win up to 5,000 Free Spins.

What happens if you don’t answer correctly?

Even though you won’t be able to participate in the game, you’ll still be able to watch till the end. But there’s no need to worry since you can put your knowledge to good use in the next round.

If you missed the special Bitty Quiz marathon on Star Wars, you can still get awarded for your knowledge at mBitcasino.

It’s Bitty Quiz time!

Prove your wits and mBitcasino will award you greatly.

Not a member of mBitcasino yet? Guess what, the faster you sign up at our BTC online casino, the quicker you’ll have access to:

Answer or do not; there is no try!

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